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The Real Truth Behind The Binary Option Trading

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Binary Options, Finance, Forex, Qbits, Traiding |

If you are anything like me, you are searching the web for some way to make yourself some money. During my searches I have come across this BINARY OPTIONS AUTO TRADING software and I must admit, it caught my eye. I have always had this dream about being able to work at home, work for as many hours as i want with no boss breathing down my neck, free to do what I want. Being such a lazy person that i am, I decided to make my dream become a reality and create some binary options strategy.

I haven´t come across many binary options reviews, so I decided to make my own uncensored review of an automated binary options trading software called Auto Binary Signals trading system.

Be warned, I´ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that´s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now! By the way, you probably already know all the basic stuff like what is binary option trading and trading platform….so let me just get down to the main facts of the system.

First a huge benefit of this software is that YOU CAN MAKE $163,160 PROFIT IN A MONTH!! Click Here!  This immediately caught my attention.

The thing I love about this software is that you do not need any previous experience, it’s like having binary options guide that takes you by the hand and points you in the direction of the money. But there is nothing wrong If you already have some experience in all this. It has a couple of nice features such as a Risk/Reward Stabilizing system and Supply/Demand Price Predictor. The system relies on 5 indicators and in the end converts highly accurate signals. You have the possibility to decide whether you want to trade with digital or turbo options. The advantage is that the trader can decide for himself how exactly he wants to save. ABS(Auto Binary Signals) is trading on different binary option brokers.

Sounds great so far, but wait here comes the bad part.

The main thing is that there is always that chance for you to go broke, the markets are a gamble. This binary options auto trading reduces that chance to a minimum, but there is still some chance that you are going to lose money, no matter what kind of program you use.

Overall, there are more good things than bad and its simply because I can´t think of any more bad things to say about this program.

If you want to see the binary options demo video for yourself. That is basically what I had to say. Now I am gonna go and make some money.

Qbits Mega Profit – A Complete Overview

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Binary Options, Finance, Forex, Qbits, Traiding |

Founded at the very early stages of the Binary Options market boom, this Cyprus based Binary Option broker allows traders a fully web-based trading interface, with a near unmatched Binary Option Trading experience.

Asset Overview

Qbits mega profit allow Binary Option traders to trade a huge number of assets – over 80 of them at the last count – ranging from currencies and commodities to stock and indices. With so many asset option, Qbits mega profit is perhaps one of the most versatile Binary Option Brokers in the market at the moment, allowing for a large range of different traders to take part.

Profit & Loss

Qbits mega profit allow you to make huge returns on every trade – up to 70% on most assets. This means that for an investment of 1000 USD you can get a return of 1700 USD which is a huge 700 USD profit. They also generously allow you to keep up to 15% of your investment if you finish out-of-the-money – this means that even if you lose a position of 1000 USD, you get to keep 150 USD and trade Binary Options again!

Language & Support

Qbits mega profit is perhaps the Binary Options Trading platform with the largest international language support. They support 8 languages with more support being added constantly.They currently support:









Qbits mega profit’s support is world class, allowing for support by a wide range of means, including International Phone Numbers, Email and Live Chat.  This means that support is constantly available and easy to get, and you could receive Binary Option support almost no matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, or what time you need it.

Unique Features

Qbits mega profit offer a wide range of unique features to their clients, putting them at the cutting edge of Binary Option Trading Online.  Some features include:

SMS Alert

This unique feature allows traders to receive updates regarding their trades by SMS.

Show Off

This allows traders to publish their winnings on their Facebook wall or Twitter page.

Profit Line

This feature shows traders a graph of their position, and allowing them constant feedback and updates in real time.

Partner & Affiliate Programs

Qbits mega profit offers the industry’s finest and most advanced partner and affiliate programs, allowing marketers an extreme wide range of marketing tools such as HTML Emails, Articles, Text Links and Creative Banners.  The huge selection available to marketers makes working with Qbits mega profit’s affiliate program a very positive experience.

Not only does Qbits mega profit has an excellent selection of marketing tools, they also have an excellent commission structure in the form of a Dynamic Rev Share, which allows you to earn up to 35% Rev Share.

Top all this off with excellent support and absolutely anyone can be a happy affiliate.

Overall Broker Opinion

I would highly recommend trading or affiliating with Qbits mega profit since they are reliable , which is confirmed by web site. Also, see here the testimonies of people who used it and learn more about it.

Qbits Mega Profit – Excellent Choice For Binary Option Traders

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Binary Options, Finance, Forex, Qbits, Traiding |

Qbits mega profit is the new kid on the block but despite the fact that this binary options broker has only recently entered the market, it is already one of the public’s favorites. The periodic bonuses that the broker offers for both new and existing customers are just one of the reason, for why the number of users is constantly on the rise. Since 2010, qbits mega profit’s state-of-the-art trading platform and amazing choice of top binary robots convinced prospective traders that this is the best place to start their career.

Plenty of underlying assets to choose from

There are basically two reasons for why people prefer binary options to regular Forex trading and these are the diversity and simplicity. The option can only finish in or out of the money and the traders don’t need to predict the extent to which an asset will gain or lose worth, only if it surpasses or not the strike price. The diversity is an even more powerful reason for choosing binary options, and qbits mega profit enables its customers to choose between currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. Binary options can be purchased immediately and liquidated in the best hours of trading, therefore profits are maximized.

Qbits mega profit has a minimum deposit of only $250, which is below what most binary options brokers require and this makes it an excellent place for beginners. Before they invest more money, rookies want to see some concrete results and thanks to the reliable trading platform and advanced trading tools, they are very likely to get them. Among these tools it is worth mentioning the 60 Seconds Trading, One Touch and High Yield Options, as all of them are prone to generate profit when implemented correctly.

Consistent service for both demo and real accounts

Some companies who are offering their services to the public, will have the options brokers answering very fast to inquiries made before the account is created. Soon after you sign up with them the responses will come slightly slower and since real money are now involved, the consequences can be dire. With qbits mega profit users will enjoy the same reliable service for both demo and real accounts and customer support is famous for the prompt answers and courteous service. No wonder it is considered as one of the best binary option robots.

Last but not least, the best Qbits mega profit is a binary options broker that offers competitive spreads, which translates into less money spent, and more available to be invested. The software used by the broker is just as important and it is unacceptable for trading to be slowed down by technical glitches. So far the reviews are very favorable and most of the customers rank Qbits mega profit’s platform and software near the top of the list.

Qbits Mega Profit Review – The Real Truth

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Binary Options, Finance, Forex, Qbits, Traiding |

binary option robot review was initially brought in 2012 into binary Options industry. This best binary Options broker was presented one year from now, it is generally respected by the traders for astounding execution and legitimacy assuming the most vital part in it. Qbits mega profit  understanding a benefit of about just about 85% makes it advantageous for investors to carry their trade and having immeasurable choices in resources for assets, there is probably that Qbits mega profit  is picking up a great deal of prominence around the traders as of late.

Account Requirements

Qbits mega profit requires no introductory cost of opening a record; however what it does require is the beginning deposit that the broker needs for its starting speculation. The dealer just needs to satisfy the essential data about him/her and check it through their email they have a tendency to appropriate from Qbits mega profit  and do their introductory deposit. These are three essential steps that trader needs to satisfy to enroll themselves with Qbits mega profit  business firm. The currency they can trade with incorporates USD, EURO, CAD and GBP.

Client Interface

Qbits mega profit Review is the first handle that has presented Spotoption’s Spot 2.0 interface. Such an interface has carried a mess change from more seasoned forms of trading that incorporates a ton of other new emphasizes for traders. The way that Qbits mega profit  is the first agent to present such an interface incorporating numerous other new facilities in the exchanging stage heads off to show they are so devoted to give traders an extraordinary experience as far as trading.

Trading Platform

Comprising of an interface SpotOptions Spot 2.0, this has greatly overhaul from their past adaptation. The introductory interface demonstrated exceptionally restricted alternatives for traders that incorporated 3 tradable assets with charts. However the new interface Spot 2.0 has made it much less difficult and client well-disposed for traders regarding graphical picture with its assets name. This characteristic makes it easy to recognize their holdings around numerous different possessions. The new characteristic incorporates three new binds. The first gives you a full rundown of tradeable stakes, much like Tech Financials Platform.

This shows your holdings name, current payout in rate and what they payout could be for the present speculation. As you as you click on any possession from the agenda, it indicates the present chart of that holding. The second alternative gives the dealer the capacity to course view the asset. What’s more the third alternative is for the individuals who have picked a specific advantage for exchange and need to simply keep tabs on that. This facility demonstrates the chart of that specific asset making it less demanding for traders to follow over the span of trade.

Trading Types

Qbits mega profit comprises of the accompanying sorts of exchange:

  • Long-term: This characteristic offers timelines of 2 days, 1 week, 6 months and 9 months. Becoming tied up with an alternative profiting this characteristic gives traders a choice to contribute for enduring period.
  • 60 Seconds: It is a Call/put choice comprising of time expiry of 60 seconds suitable for those traders who need to make a quick return.
  • One Touch: Traders having a choice of expiry time of just about a week, they have the ability to acquire of around the range of 500% if their trade is in the money.

Payout and Commissions

Qbits mega profit  offers withdrawal same as store, importance by means of Visa, epayment card or wire exchange. The base withdrawal is around the range of 20 USD/EURO/GBP and wire exchange is 100 USD/EURO/GBP. One withdrawal is permitted for every month gratis and takes something like 2-3 working days.

Everything you need about Qbits mega profit

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Binary Options, Finance, Qbits, Traiding |

Qbits mega profit was initially established in late 2008. It is claimed by Win Gaming Media Inc. (WGM) and based at 48 ThemistokliDervi Avenue, Nicosia 1066, Cyprus. Qbits mega profit is one of the most senior and most proposed brokerage firms around the traders. Qbits mega profit stands very special from numerous other distinctive best binary options trading platforms because of that certainty that it has its own restrictive trading platform. Their trading platform has been distinguished as most basic, simple and client amicable that numerous other trading platform destinations tried to imitate their platform.

Trading Platform

Selecting a straightforward, exact and expert binary options platform is very critical for a trader – that is why some people choose binary option robot. Because of having an old platform and coming to be less mainstream and perplexing for traders to take part in trading, as of late the Qbits mega profit platform has experienced some positive and decently made changes. It was gained in late 2011 by WGM, hence making a ton of allure and simple to-utilize trading platform for traders to captivate their trading.

There are not many steps that a trader needs to do to begin trading;

  1. To open an account by rounding out the fundamental data in regards to themselves.
  2. To select a choice that is financial instrument to trade from the agenda of accessible trading options.
  3. Select a choice to trade i.e. possibly Call or Put option. Call implies that a trader anticipates that the expiration value will be higher than the execution cost. Put implies that a trader anticipates that the expiration value will be lower than the execution cost.
  4. Then a trader enters the measure of speculation they need to trade in with, and have the capacity to change to either Call or Put choice and the other way around right now of time.
  5. Lastly the customer clicks on the “Execute” to do their trade.

However because of new administration obtaining Qbits mega profit, there have been sure changes in the trading platform incorporating new characteristics and change that incorporates;

    1. Reduction of the Lock-Out Period: This characteristic has empowered traders to bolt out their trade inside 5 minutes as before it held 15 minutes of lock-out expediting a considerable measure of objections by the traders every now and then, henceforth giving them an edge to secure their benefit and working as the same wavelength as whatever viable heading platforms.
    2. No More Spreads: This implies that there are no more spreads included now. This however is invaluable and advantageous for traders as the buy cost of a Call Put options are the same as of execution value prompting more benefits and profits.
    3. Sell Option: With this choice, a trader has an alternative to sell their winning traders before close date, accordingly securing their benefits. This unquestionably helps traders to secure their procuring after any change in the present market scenario that may wipe out their deliberations of making a benefit.

Qbits mega profit’s Payout Ratio

Qbits mega profit Review being supervised by old administration accepted a great deal of terrible reactions about their payout degree which was pretty nearly in the ballpark of 65% and even headed them to having essentially in the vicinity of half which was much lower than the different brokers. Since it has been assumed control by WGM, they significantly enhanced their payout proportion prompting practically in the vicinity of 80% which accelerated rivaling different brokers in the financial market.